The weekend 


So I am on day 8 now and I have been 100%!! Woo hoo pat on back to me!

Here are some of the meals I had: bacon and eggs with tomato

Burger, grated carrot, boiled potato, salad, pepper, cucumber

Romaine lettuce with grated carrot and seeds, celery, prosciutto, boiled potato (of course lol) oh and my son Henry looking a bit like a demon!

This was a weird ass breakfast – even for me. it tasted nice separately but was a bit much as a meal lol

sweet potato fries, sautéed cabbage, scrambled eggs

Today I had:

B: My mind has gone completely blank – I cannot remember what the hell I had for breakfast!!

Lunch: bacon and eggs with tomato,

Dinner: Pulled pork omelette with hash browns made American style. I grated the potato, wrung the potato out in a tea towel to dry it off a bit, then fried it to brown off and popped in oven for 20 minutes. Was soooo yummy!!

I’ve been feeling a little dizzy the last few days and I googled it and a few people on the whole30 (also around day8 funnily enough) were also getting dizzy spells and they said ‘have you drunk enough water?’ tick, ‘have you eaten enough’ probably tick, and ‘have you had enough salt’ oops. I cut out salt all week coz I was eating too much food in general. Well I have added it back in today. Still a little dizzy but will see how it goes.

I’ve been so tempted to weigh myself the last couple of days, I really want to know how much I’ve lost! I do feel a bit slimmer already. I do tend to fall into the trap of ‘ooh I’ve lost 6 lbs, time for a treat’ (binge)


Maybe this will keep me going – only 22 days until I can weigh meself again!

How’s everyone doing? I hope you are all keeping to your plans!

Do comment and please – someone – find me a sub for potato lol!!!
For any of you who missed my blog post the other day, I’ve started a little business making personalised mugs and other mug designs. Check out my etsy shop here and this is my Facebook page here!

They are great for Christmas presents, I am busy working on designs every spare minute I get so more are being added.

I’m running a facebook competition at the moment to win a mug (UK only though I’m afraid) but if you order through my etsy shop, I am offering a 15% discount off a £15 spend,  using coupon code BIG15 exclusive to this blog!!

Enjoy and I hope you have a peek at my shop!

Shannon xxx


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