back on dukan

Hi everyone! Welcome to my new blog. I used to write as but wanted to start again.

I am back on dukan/low carb with a bit of high fat chucked in. Wish me luck!!

So I am just going to come out with it and tell you all from the off what I weigh and try to keep a record of what I eat. You will notice I don’t exactly follow dukan to a t and eat some stuff I’m not allowed but as long as I keep losing weight I am happy. I re did my ‘true weight’ and need to do 6 days of Attack in which I can lose 4.9 lbs, then 105 days of Cruise in which I’m supposed to lose another 28.2 lbs. Fingers crossed.  

Day 1 -21st April 2014

Starting Weight:11 stone 10 lbs (cringe)

Todays Weight: 11 stone 10 lbs

Food: Already forgotten- since having a baby 3 months ago my brain is mush haha!

Day 2 – 22nd April 2014

Starting Weight: 11 stone 10 lbs

Todays Weight: 11 stone 10 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 0

Food: B – filter coffee with cream x 2

L- 3 boiled eggs, chicken slices and quite a giant chunck of cheese

D- roast chicken breast, 2 smallish roast potatoes S- ski yoghurt and err 2 small glasses of Prosecco…… haha!

Day 3- 23rd April 2014

Starting Weight: 11 stone 10

Todays Weight: 11 stone 8

Total Weight Loss:2 lbs yay

Food:B- 2 poached eggs, 1 sausage, 1 rasher bacon, 1 cooked tomato,(basically a fry up but gave away my toast sob!)2 coffees

L- chicken breast and more cheese

D- Fish fillet, cheese and more chicken.

Sooo, quiet a lot of cheese. Lets see if I lose any weight tomorrow after a blatant fromage binge. It’s been a high protein and fat week so far. I’ve been reading my old blog and  noticed I often tried to replace a lot of foods by baking dukan versions or low carb. I hope to not do this so much.

Blog again soon!!Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “back on dukan

  1. So nice to have you back! I think we all play around with the diets and struggle to find sustainable ways of eating that also produce results. If I am too restrictive I can’t keep it up, not restrictive enough I maintain or gain weight instead of losing. Good luck and keep posting!

  2. I couldn’t agree more! There are times that I really wonder how I held out on Dukan for so long, I’m a complete dairy and especially butter and cheese addict. Like Angel says, I think we all switch it up a bit after a while, because it is indeed very restrictive, and we’ve come to realise that fat is not the enemey. My only problem is, that my dairy intake is a little on the high side at times and that comes with a lot of carbs! Well done for starting a journey to bust the post-baby flab. Shame, I could only blame my baby for a little flab, I was rather fat when I fell pregnant in the first place!

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